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When I began working with Phyllis, I felt stuck. My job was in a rut and I didn’t know what to do next. I no longer felt passion for my career - I was at a dead end!


As Sales Manager I had loved my work – leading and developing the sales team and driving revenue by providing winning solutions to our clients. But I wasn’t supported by the Corporate Leadership.


During the 6 months I worked with Phyllis, I gained a broader perspective of what was not working for me, a clearer understanding of my full  potential, development of the skills and tools I needed to get more of what I wanted, and the confidence to move forward and look for something better. The result is that during this COVID era, I have led the top producing district in the company! And, furthermore, I’m planning on changing careers and going to law school.


What was unexpected was the personal as well as professional growth I gained through my coaching program. I thought I was going for career direction, but I came away with so much more - growth.


If you’re looking to get more out of the work you do or if your career has stalled, I recommend contacting Phyllis. 

                                                                                    - Sales Manager 



"Retirement...presented itself as both an exciting new opportunity and, at the same time, a frightening prospect.  Nagging questions kept me up at night. How do you transition  from a total workaholic to a retiree and not panic? How do you reorder your life and find meaning in what you do? What steps do you take to afford a new direction; one that provides a constructive, meaningful path forward for the rest of your life?  ..... Part psychologist, part coach, part friend and part mentor Phyllis helped me develop a road map for the way forward.


"At the beginning I was a bit skeptical and hesitant to work with a quote "professional advisor" because as a self-made man I didn't feel the kind of help Phyllis provided was made for me.  I will be the first to admit I was wrong. Phyllis provided everything I needed and more...and for that I am very appreciative."

- MJF, Former COO, Jonard Tools, Now Enjoyably Retired 




"Phyllis is an exceptional coach whose extensive business experience gives her the ability to help executives reflect on the complex situations they encounter. I worked with Phyllis for several years and her support not only lead to my professional growth but also supported my personal growth. With Phyllis' help I was able to start a new department within my company for a function that previously did not exist and a  little  over a year later I was recognized with a promotion to the senior executive team.


"The tools Phyllis introduced to me, like Conversational Intelligence, I use every day in as many of my daily  interactions as I can and I believe that this has resulted in a more empathetic and reasoned way to deal with and resolve disagreements.


"...Phyllis has, quite simply, had a profound impact on my life."

- Brett Lewis, MD and CIO at GlobeTax


" I have held senior management roles in the legal and compliance departments of 2 global financial services firms and my upward progress had stalled when I hired Phyllis Rosen to help me plan for and navigate the next step in my career. Phyllis and I worked together for about 9 help me identify roles I would both thrive in and feel satisfied in...

thought provoking, challenging and rewarding..

"During this time I was also struggling to articulate my strategic vision on a complex, high stakes project ...  Phyllis helped me to hone my strategic instincts and present my vision in a compelling way that enabled me to drive the project to a very successful end.

"While my active work with Phyllis ended a year ago, I use the skills I enhanced working with her everyday. I have also recently achieved my original goal. I've accepted a challenging new role at a more senior level (at a new company)...


"I recommend Phyllis without hesitation to anyone seeking executive coaching or career search assistance - she is insightful, dedicated, generous of spirit and truly excited about helping her clients succeed."

- HS, SVP Regulatory Relations, Global Financial Institution 


"I highly recommend Phyllis as a Career Coach for any professional. Very personable, she quickly gained my trust. Phyllis treats career counseling as both an art and science, facilitating a productive introspection process while providing clear structure and productive tools. In addition, she is a skilled editor ensuring your Linked In profile and resume are marketing tools for your personal brand and search process."

- Karen-Michelle, Director, Workforce



"If you are thinking of making a move either internally or moving externally to another firm, I strongly recommend that you hire Phyllis Rosen to assist you."

Bill Bidell, CFO, Investment Bank




"I have worked with an executive coach for the past 15 years but Phyllis gave a different perspective. She has a realistic view of real time issues faced by today’s leaders at the same time as leading me to understand my own issues and resolutions.  It was an engaging process that was extended thanks to the benefit I was gaining from our sessions.


"Leaders are not easily coached – one trait of leaders is having a clear view of the way forward but not such a clear view of their own issues and faults and Phyllis understood this but still pushed to a great result by using many coaching skills to clearly understand the issues and make a clear plan to resolve these issues."

- Dave Pettengell, SVP, Major IT Firm




"She helped me to feel confident and truly motivated me to explore way beyond past parameters. The continuous thought bearing questions she posed to me and the constant feedback she gave me were invaluable. Her extensive knowledge, experience and wisdom was evident in every session, exercise, conversation we had. She has had a great impact on my life and future. I would recommend Phyllis to absolutely anyone looking to career transition, improve and or gain clarity in their career path."

- Deborah Simcox, Transitioned from Office Manager to Business Developer




"Thanks to you, I am doing well and have opened many more opportunities and possibilities! Life was never better."

- George Marinos, Food Developer




“Phyllis hones in on exactly what’s needed at the time with the tools to do it. …Her coaching helps me to get direction and make a plan.  Forces me to commit….She’ll tell me the “hard stuff” I need to hear and it helps me to change my behavior…I can bring all parts of myself to the coaching session, whether it be my career or relationships or spirit….If you’re looking for someone who can be strong and have empathy, can lead but is sensitive to what is needed in the moment, Phyllis is the one…She genuinely wants to help people; she has such a passion for her work.” 

- Bonnie Warner, IT Project Manager/Business Analyst




“Making the decision to seek coaching was not easy.  As a professional who advises others in the same fashion, I knew I needed to find someone who could push me beyond my comfort zone…Phyllis is able to empathize with my frustrations and set a course that I could handle.  She knows when to push and when to give me room to think.  She helped me to see things from a new angle and gain insights on a regular basis.  I feel I have been able to refine my ideas in a way I had not been able to do in the past, allowing me to take action towards my goals….”                                                      

- Karen Otto, HR Director




“Phyllis is the best career and personal coach I’ve ever had because she has strong intuitive and analytical skills.  Phyllis somehow is able to provide what I need, when I need it, which I suppose is coaching in the best possible sense: encouragement when I feel I can’t take another action, and a nudge when I’m letting myself off the hook a little too quickly.  I especially appreciate strategizing with her, which has enabled me to develop/cultivate business relationships and opportunities that I otherwise would not have pursued…Phyllis coaches on what’s really going on – the unsaid. And she helps me to stay true to who I really am.  I have come to gain a new vision of where I want to go and my vision of myself has shifted. She has helped me to find and recognize my strengths and specialness… She can see and get to the essence of things and can coach around any circumstance, even if she doesn’t have a direct experience of it…”  

- D.T., Production Executive of Film and Theater




"Phyllis was extremely helpful during my career transition right from the start. Don't be fooled! Career transition is work! But Phyllis helped me feel like it was manageable by keeping me accountable and on track. She also has an intuitive sense and ability to  call out or articulate what I couldn't. And each time that happened I continued to feel more confident in our process. Ultimately Phyllis supported and literally coached me to discovering my ideal career and then taking the steps necessary to get there. And I'm happy to say that I've successfully transitioned and transformed and I couldn't have done it without Phyllis."

- A.S. Transitioned from Corporate HR to Startup Operations




"I found myself out of work just prior to turning 50. The loss felt devastating. At the suggestion of a friend, I joined The 5 O’clock Club to seek job search advice and career coaching. There, I found Phyllis Rosen, a career and life coach for the club, and sought her guidance. 


"I could not have asked for a better career coach than Phyllis. After just one session with her, I felt my confidence level take a quantum leap forward. Phyllis truly helped me see whom I was and how to target a position that played to my talents and strengths. Phyllis helped me feel better about my career, while still challenging me to take a hard look at my missteps, misconceptions, and fears.


"Phyllis’ group sessions were always valuable. She was always empathetic. Yet, she did not allow us to wallow in negative diatribes about our situations – she got us to move on. It was challenging work to meet Phyllis’ expectations. But, we achieved results. Faster than any of us expected, we began landing jobs, good jobs that were aligned with our talents and passions.


"Within months after losing my position, I landed an excellent job, doing what I do best and love to do. I credit Phyllis’ coaching with helping me land this position. Thanks to her coaching, I found the right company and was ready when the interviews came. I brought confidence and passion to the table, resulting in an offer. Now, I am in a lead design position, fully engaged in rewarding work. I am happy to say, “Thank you, Phyllis! You got me to see who I could become.”

- Jim Griesemer, Senior Designer, Software Company


Phyllis showed me how to believe in myself….. she showed me what’s possible.

- C. S., Psychotherapist


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