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  1. Setting goals that are clear, true to you

  2. Helping keep things simple

  3. Staying accountable

  4. Getting constant positive reinforcement

  5. Learning new skills, knowledge, or approaches

  6. Knowing yourself, how you got here, strengths, weaknesses

  7. Identifying and resolving blocks, pitfalls, self-sabotaging behavior

  8. Helping reduce negative self-talk

  9. Understanding the impact you have in the world

  10. Hearing an honest assessment from someone with no agenda

  11. Taking responsibility for yourself, stop blaming or waiting

  12. Accepting who you are and building upon that

  13. Building confidence

  14. Connecting or reconnecting to the passion and purpose in your life/business

  15. Learning to say yes to what you really want

  16. Getting clear on where to begin to change things

  17. Maintaining peace of mind, body, spirit

  18. Challenging assumptions and changing limiting beliefs

  19. Developing a positive mindset, better thinking patterns

  20. How to get around fear and doubt

  21. Discovering what is calling next from within you

  22. Learning stress management and relaxation


      - List Adapted from Coaching Sites that Work

Here’s a list of the top reasons clients say they seek coaching. How many of these are true for you?

“What makes working with you different is that you bring me back to my authentic self…”

- Kirsten Sandberg,
Executive Publisher transitioned
to Consultant to Thought Leaders

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