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Are you a professional?


  • Ready for a career change?

  • Bored, unchallenged?

  • Feel you have more to give?

  • Want a promotion?

  • Need to grow quickly into a new role?

  • At a crossroad, need direction?

"Phyllis supported and literally coached me to discovering my ideal career... And I'm happy to say that I've successfully transitioned and transformed."    

- Aimee Styler

"I have gained insight, focus and motivation, which has enabled me to control situations for lasting change in both my professional and personal life."

- C. Van Wycke

Are you an organization?


  • Want to groom high potentials?

  • Have an executive who needs an
    advisor offering a safe place to grow?

  • Need an employee transitional program delivered with expertise and compassion, customized for individuals?


"Phyllis showed me other roles and industries in which I might thrive. She found the ideal balance between guiding vs. letting me find my own path. I gained positive introspection and growth."

- N. Beckman

Are you an executive?


  • Want to become a better leader?

  • Need to strengthen management skills?

  • Have trouble motivating your staff?

  • No longer feel excited?

  • Want to care again?

  • Tired of unproductive meetings?

Coaching for Transition

Bringing 15 Years Professional Experience


+ Career Coaching

+ Executive Coaching
+ Outplacement Coaching
+ Retirement & Life Planning


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