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  • Identify job search targets

  • Define signature strengths

  • Create all search documents: resume, pitch, accomplishment statements, cover and followup letters

  • Learn the dynamics of a successful search process

  • Interviewing






Make your transitions meaningful. Meaning is what motivates us and inspires passion.

Executive Coach


  • Reinvigorate leaders’ commitment and ability to lead

  • Motivate with a more coach-like leadership style

  • Develop skills and a mindset that attract promotions

  • Step up your game for transition into a new role

  • 360 facilitation and debrief


Career Coach


  • Assessment and branding

  • Identify "dream" career

  • Evaluate career options

  • C-Suite and professional-level
    resume and bio

  • Search strategies

  • Search tools and documents

  • Interview strategies

For a free consultation

212 932 1279

Retirement Planning


  • Evaluate readiness for retirement phase

  • Determine balance of part-time, consulting and volunteer activities

  • Identify how to replace emotional, social and affiliation anchors



“Without meaning, work is a slog between weekends. 

With meaning, any job can become a calling.”     
   - J. Barsh, S. Cranston, & R. Craske 
                     The McKinsey Quarterly

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